February 19th, 2004

[xkcd] Rapture

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amyzb03 85%
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[xkcd] Rapture

A Conversation With Leslie...

Just a conversation with Les. Thought I'd stick it up here since I haven't had much else to talk about. Might actually write something later... Anything with spaces was prolly a smiley face, btw.


babygirl_leelee: hey! Saw your mom yesterday

x0lori0x: really?

babygirl_leelee: yeah
babygirl_leelee: her and i sat there talking, she thought I was you at first
babygirl_leelee: then she took a double look
babygirl_leelee: and noticed it wasn't

x0lori0x: lol
x0lori0x: My mom misses me a lot

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