March 23rd, 2004

[xkcd] Rapture

Originally taken from xkaliber187...

...but I screwed up earlier so now its from hoojoe. I haven't really had much time or energy to update here lately. But now I downloaded a new LJ client on Jan's computer so I don't have to have the window open to post. Yay. Maybe I won't erase it this time? Dunno.


[spell your first name backwards] -- irol
[age] -- 21
[where do you live] -- Sometimes State University, AR (jonesboro); Sometimes Grubbs, AR; Sometimes Swifton, AR
[four words that sum you up] -- Loyal; loving; bipolar; freak
[wallet] -- Bright red PPG wallet that I got for Christmas 3 years ago
[hairbrush] -- Blue pick
[jewelry worn daily] -- Black string bracelet on my left hand (never taken off); black string necklace that once had a rune hanging from it; cartillage piercing on my left ear
[pillow cover] -- None at the moment cause I had to wash them all over SB
[coffee cup] -- Coffee? YUCK
[shoes] -- I've got like 7 pair, but my favorites are my black GBX boots and my brown Sketchers boots
[cologne/perfume] -- Stephen's Polo... when its on him.
[piercings] -- Three--one cartillage piercing on my left ear; one piercing in each ear lobe.
[clothes youre wearing now] -- Underwear (-checks-) that looks kinda like snakeskin, but not; Zana-di flares; Tuckerman T.O.P.S. shirt


[wishing] -- That school would finally end
[after this] -- Study for the U&BF exam that i skipped today
[talking to] -- the voices in my head; Brian on the net
[eating] -- Nothing, but I had Chinese earlier
[fetishes] -- Sexual? I don't think I have any really. Not any i'd admit. ~_^
[some of your fav. movies] -- LOTR (1 & 2, haven't seen TROTK); Ghostbusters I & II; Howard the Duck (thx to brian for reminding me about this one); Back to the Future (all of them); Star Wars (all); Star Trek (all that i've seen)
[somthing youre looking forward to in the upcomin months] -- Summer. Other than that, not much else.
[last thing you ate] -- CHINESE FOOD!! Specifically, a fortune cookie
[something youre hella afraid of] -- Falling
[if you could have any animal as a pet what would it be] -- A dragon. Real animals? A salt-and-pepper pigmy hedgehog
[three cities you wouldn't mind relocating to] -- Tuckerman, AR (to be with the buds); Phoenix, AZ; Dallas, TX
[some of your fav. foods] -- CHINESE! Just about anything Taco Bell-ish; lasagna
[something you wish you could understand better] -- Why my friends and I are all so blunt toward each other. If you'd have head our conversations Friday night, you would understand.
[miss someone you haven't seen in a long time] -- Shelly and Don; friends from H.S.

DO YOU...:

[like candles] -- Love 'em.
[like incense] -- Got lots of it.
[believe in love] --
"I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart
"There's a chance we can make it now
"We'll be lookin till the sun goes down
"I believe in a thing called looooooove "
-- The Darkness
[believe in soulmates] -- Yes. I belive in different types of soul mates and I've found just about every one of them.
[believe in love at first sight] -- Yes. Unless Cupid is playing a sad, cruel joke on me
[believe in forgiveness] -- Yes. Even though I try to hold a grudge, it just isn't possible for me.
[want to get married] - YES... If we ever get a chance.
[want to have kids] - NO!
[believe that you know the person that you’ll marry at this point in time] -- I'm with him, unless something unforseen comes up. Personally... I hope not.


[cried] -- No.
[bought sumthin] -- Chinese.
[gotten sick] -- Yeah. I felt bad this morning.
[sang] -- Yeah. Stephen and I sang Love Shack on the way home from Chinese
[eaten] -- Chinese.
[been kissed] -- YES... ^_^
[felt stupid] -- With Stephen, there is no other way to be. Unless he's loving me.
[wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't] -- Not that I know of...
[met someone new] -- No. I'm an inside person.
[moved on] -- Nah.
[talked to an ex] -- No.
[missed an ex] -- No.
[talked to someone you have a crush on] -- No.
[had a serious talk] -- Stephen and I have serious conversations about things all the time.
[missed someone] -- Nope.
[hugged someone] -- Stephen
[fought with your parents] -- Nope.
[dreamt about someone you can't be with] -- I dream about strangers who give off vibes like I've known them for years. A couple of times there's been hot guys. -lol-


[best girl friend(s)] -- Nikki; Sara; Leslie
[best guy friend(s)] -- Stephen; Matt; Brian
[boyfriend/girlfriend; if none, current dating partner] -- My Baboo... Stephen
[hobbies] -- Video games; "wrastle’n"; books, music; internet; computers; rpgs
[pager/cell] -- I AM NOT AFRAID!! (870) 219-3432... But I'm not qute sure that's right.
[are you the center of attention or wallflower] -- A wallflower that blooms when around friends
[car you drive] -- '90 Chevy Corsica; white
[would you rather be with friends or on a date] -- When I'm on a date, its usually with friends.
[job] -- Mail/stock clerk-ish thing in the ASU Admissions office
[attend church] -- Not really. I'm disappointed with church.
[like being around people] -- Only my people.


[have you known the longest] -- Other than family... I think Matt.
[do you argue with the most] -- Toss up between Stephen and Dad
[do you always get along with] -- Either Brian or Matt. Not real sure.
[is the most trustworthy] -- Gosh. All my buds are trustworthy.
[makes you laugh the most] -- Matthew ... hands down.
[is the nicest girl(s)] -- Nikki... until she morphs into a beast... which isn't very often.
[is the nicest guy(s)] -- Brian. He's so sweet. Unless he's going all blunt and beastly on us.
[has the coolest parent(s)] -- Matt's dad is awesome and Stephen's mom is my fave.
[has the coolest sibling(s)] -- Not counting me... Matt and Nikki are the only two with sibs. -laughs- I'll let them battle it out.
[is the most blunt] -- All my friends... God the bluntness Friday night.
[is the smartest] -- Stephen and Matt tie for their knowledge in different subjects. But Brian and Nikki are really smart too. THANKS FOR THE HELP IN A&P NIKKI! lol


[who is your role model] -- I don't really know.
[pet peeves] -- PEOPLE WHO DON'T USE BLINKERS!!!!
[ever liked someone you had no chance with] -- Yeah. Several times.
[ever lied to your best friend] -- Yes.
[ever wanted to get revenge on someone b/c they hurt you] -- Yes. But I never did. Matt and Co. did lots for me though. -lol-
[cried over the opposite sex] -- YES.
[have a certain "type" of person you go after] -- Goofs and/or dark guys. Stephen falls into both categories.
[rather be dumper or dumped] -- Neither. It bites both ways
[rather have a relationship or "hook-up"] -- Relationships are much better.
[what is your fav. part of your physical appearance] -- My eyes and skin when i'm tanned.
[what is your fav. part of your emotional being] -- My empathy... Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
[are you happy with yourself] -- NO.
[are you happy with your life] -- Mostly. Needs a lil work.
[if you could change one thing what would it be] -- Nothing as of yet. Maybe some of my grades in college, but I think my life is awesome. Even if I am a depressed slob at times.
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