March 24th, 2004

[xkcd] Rapture

Blond Joke...

...With love from my cousin Shelly.

A blonde named Pam is appearing on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" with Regis Philbin.

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[xkcd] Rapture

A Sad Night For This Roleplayer

Yeah. Its very sad. I have a feeling that my favorite RP on Y!Groups is officially over. -sigh- I hate that. Its been such a good game too. We turned it from rough one-liners to 8 paragraph monsters in about five years. I'm a freakin' drama queen and this game allowed me to work that to its fullest. I guess now I can get back to my other games. Final Fantasy 8: Waltz for the Moon; Hell Freezes Over" (an AWESOME game that everyone should join!!); X2 Mutant High RPG; Final Fantasy VIII: The Children of Fate; Fenix Fire Taver & Inn. I'm woking on TCOF. Its an original group by me so I guess I'm gonna have more time to focus on it? -sigh- Its still really sad though. I think about that game all the time. I always want to write for it! Its the first game I ever joined. That and NeXt Squad. My two oldest games have finally crashed and burned. ;;_;; Makes me immensely sad. I want to cry and its just a game. But its not just a game... Its been a way of life for five years. Looking forward to new posts, new plots. -sigh-


I'll quit bitching.

I'm done... for now.
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