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April 1st, 2004

Anybody Want To See My Artistic Side?

I made this collage for Brian to show him a couple of the members stuff on RuneScape. So I thought I'd post it up and let you guys get a kick out of it. RuneScape has just updated its game and loaded a second version (now called RuneScape and the older V.01 is called RuneScape Classic). I hope this might get you's guys interested in playing with us! ^_^

Cut because I KNOW it will skew my layout...Collapse )

I really need to look into making a new She-Ra background. I think I'm gonna do that right now... ^_^



Yay. I worked on my layout guys. Its not all squished to the side like it was before. Its in the center of the page with mirror images on either side. ^_^ I removed the 'fixed' command so now the background scrolls. I prefer fixing my backgrounds, but this looks nice when it scrolls. I'm happy now. Although... it took me about 12 tries to get everything just right. That's why I went from 5 hits to 32 on my counter. :( S'all right though. I like this layout a lot. I may stick my She-Ra icon back on my journal. I love my spike icon, but i miss my She-Rah one.... -sigh- That's the only reason I liked GreatestJournal. I could have 8 million icons. :P Maybe someday I'll get a paid account and can use all my icons. Right now, I'm sticking with my Spike one. I'll stick the She-Ra one on a background sometime. :)



Read more...Collapse )</center>

+My journal is called _____ because _____.
+My subtitle is _____ because _____.
+My friends page is called _____ because _____.
+And, just for the hell of it: My username is ____ because _____.

=My journal is called ₪ | ... Lori's LiveJournal ... | ₪ because its my journal! Plus i thought the symbols looked awesome in the name!
=My subtitle is ₪ | ... Updated Occationally ... | ₪ because I only occationally update. Again, the symbols look cool and they match my title.
=My friends page is called ₪ | ... Good Reading ... | ₪ because most of the time my friends have some really interesting something to read. I enjoy diving down into their lives for fun. -laughs-
=My username is icarianbird because I was going to be angelofdeath or angelofdarkness, but those were already taken. :(


'One moooore thing!' -- Uncle; Jackie Chan AdventuresCollapse )

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