April 6th, 2004

[xkcd] Rapture



Sci-Fi channel is going to try to produce a LIVE ACTION Witch Hunter Robin! I can't belive this.

This is both good and bad...

Good = I always wanted to see a live WHR ever since I've seen the anime. Stephen and I even discussed who we thought would do the characters for a live movie once.

Bad = American production + Japanese Anime = Recipe for Disaster. We totally fuck up all the Japanese stuff... be it just the english dubbing or a total remake. Plus we edit everything good out. There's no blood, no guts, no sex, no vulgar language.

Americans bite...

And this is coming from me.

Cartoons do not, I repeat DO NOT, screw the children of the USA up. Their parents, families, and environments do. Okay... you can say that cartoons are a part of that environment, but if the parents don't like what the child is watching perhaps they should turn the fucking TV off instead of insisting that television people tone it down for pussies.

Okay... enough vulgar ranting from me. I just get ticked off about people changing my cartoons. Did you know that they changed Woody Woodpecker because they said he was too violent?! I watched him as a kid and I'm perfectly fine. Bastards...

Link to WHR Confirmation just so you know I'm not kidding. I've got to get the Japanese version of this show on DVD so I can watch it all. Since they were on adult swim, I don't think they were edited too awful much, but I prefer the Japanese versions. The American versions butchered Sailor Moon and DBZ, so I just have a hard time trusting them. Yeah.

Gotta go read some lab stuff.

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