September 2nd, 2004

[xkcd] Rapture

Alive again...

Ah freedom. I'm free till 2 o'clock when I have to go to I/S lab. YAY. Lab. I'm ready for it. Even though I did wear some nice clothes today. Should have worn jeans and a tee today and my nice clothes tomorrow. Anyway. What have I been up to..? Same ole, same ole. Bickering with Stephen. School. Work. Chattin' with friends. Although... Saturday night we did go to that new Japanese place in town. Shogun. Oh yeah. It was exciting and awesome. It had better be for $20 A PERSON! Stephen and I can go eat pizza on that. He was upset because he had to shell out so much money, but I thought it was great. Me thinks we're gonna try to go back for my birthday. If Stephen and I aren't arguing then. We're having some difficulties... conflicts of interest you might say.

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