November 1st, 2004

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I've come to the conclusion that I'm depressed...

I've been feeling like shit for weeks and I've had to force myself to go to class and school and work. I'm really not sure what to do anymore either. I'm probably gonna talk to my mother tonight if I can get myself to do it. I need help before I withdraw too badly. I actually thought about going into Stephen's room and taking some of his meds, but I don't know if they'd help. I've been crying all morning. I'm tired and upset and I feel sick.

Apologies to everyone I've been mean to this past month. I haven't really been myself lately.

Now. As for Halloween... Stephen and I went to Jonesboro Saturday. We went shopping (well browsing really) and then had a nice dinner together. After that, we went to see The Grudge and Saw. The Grudge was good. It was more of a startling-ghost-scarey. The little cat kid scared me. I hear those noises late at night because there are strays around my house. -shivers- The story itself was really good, but the scares were too predictible. The ending was good though. and Yoko's death... wow. I give it only 2 1/2 stars though. It really wasn't as good as Saw. Stephen slept through it. He was bored with it. Helps that he is back on his meds and fear doesn't really affect him.

So Saw was like The Silence of the Lambs times TEN! It was unpredictible and scarey. I won't give anything away because I think EVERYONE needs to see this movie. EVERYONE! Its not bloody really, but there are some gruesome scenes. Like I said, I'm not going to give details. The moral of this movie is to love your life because, if you don't or you take everything you have for granted, some psychotic is probably going to torture you so that you do. Okay so I had a better one when we left the movie, but I can't quite remember what I said.

Both of these movies kinda made me wonder who I've ever talked to or walked past and not ever actually seen. You can see someone, but not actually see them for who they are. Saw really made me think about it.

Well. We carved pumpkins this year. I must say that it is NOT fall nor Halloween until I have carved my jack-o-lantern. NOT AT ALL!

Here's some pics... sorry for the shitty quality. My brother's camera blows...

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