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This was sent to the mod of a game I'm in. I needed to share it, but didn't want to get poked with sporks by the rest of the players. -shrugs- I only really wanted to share it with Lee, but nobody else here even knows what's going on so it's all good.

I've stolen bits and pieces from our IMs, Lee, because you made such good points. I think I'm a teeny bit biased, but I don't care. These are issues that play on my mind and should be aired out.

I promised I'd get this to you by morning and, even though I'm half-sleepy, I'm going to do this so I don't have to feel bad that I haven't gotten it to you yet. So please forgive me if something doesn't make sense. :) We may have already talked about any number of these things, but I'm going down my notes. Also, I would like to apologize for anything I say that seems harsh, but there are certain issues that I have spoken with other players about that should be addressed. I'm not trying to pick on anyone, but if they're issues with any number of people they're probably important.

First, I'm going to address the thoughts that you've put together on your first post about review.

  1. The current families - I'm torn on this issue. I kinda think we should keep things the way they are until certain key positions are filled (blood members of the Merhites and Demos), but I also wish I could create a new witch coven for the Demos to use as their pets. That's just me wanting to be creative and being bored. It would be a good idea if families such as the Ballantines could get more members, but really there is an issue (see below) with that and I have collected thoughts about why there aren't more were-bears.
  2. NPC/Minor Characters - Minor characters aren't supposed to be NPCs, but I find this idea to be just plain stupid. If you don't have time to play a certain character, they should be put back out there for someone else to use (if they're important plotwise) or they should be NPCs. I could understand having personal NPCs that are normally used by one person or family (examples currently stand at Sanders, the witch Khali, Kael, and Vorian), but not a 'minor character.' It sounds like a cop-out for someone who doesn't have enough time to play their characters.
  3. Caps for writers/Activity - The way I see this is that if you're making the current activity limit, you should be allowed to carry as many characters as you feel you want. Some of us with 5+ characters are doing more work and carrying more of the story just by making our activity limits than the people with one or two characters. It's not because of the amount of characters we have, it's because we actually MAKE our activity limit. Part of me thinks that the two post minimum rule should either be dropped to one post per week, but that still rewards those who aren't making the limit right now. I say if you have 5+ characters, you should be allowed to have 1 post per character. It would flood the community less and force others who aren't really around to at least make an effort. Not saying that some people with a bunch of characters won't write more than one post per character, but it's just an opinion.
  4. Recaps - I do use them when they're CORRECT. Most of Steph's were incorrect and unfinished. They were not helpful. They're nice for people to be able to use when they're thinking about joining or when you're looking for a specific post, but other than that they're eating up your time. Now, if you were to delegate that to someone or a group of someones who rotated that privilege, then it might be a different story. Just a suggestion.
On to edits. Issues that I'm bringing up will follow that...
Honestly, everything needs to be rewritten. All the pages are full of comma splices and sentence fragments. For me to go through every page and try to tell you what needs to be edited is madness. I thought I could do it, but really it would be easier for someone to just go in and do it rather than having it delegated to you. I don't know how I can tell you where to fix what mistakes without confusing both you and myself. Plus, I'm sleepy.

Pages that I can address:
  1. The FAQ - The answer to Question One needs to be rewritten. It's confusing. Question 2: "Jist" is spelled "gist." The last few lines of Question 4 make no sense. Question five needs to be updated to bring it into context with the rest of the game as the royal siblings have been fleshed out a bit. Question six is kind of boring. Mortals should know something about the island rather than not knowing. We might get more mortal-like players that way. Question seven would be nice if people actually did it. Might improve the game.
  2. The Guidelines - Again, the journals are not being used.
  3. Race Guidelines - Unicorn and Jinn need to be added. I have both of those if you need them.
  4. Contacts - Some people who have dropped out are still on this page.
  5. Arillius - With the maps as they are, the gate in Serith goes to where? We need to add where the Magic Circles (transportation) are. They would be useful.
  6. The Beyond - We need to get a hold of the second half of the Beyond map. Also, several cities are misspelled on both maps. It should be noted that the Demos like progress and that they have made several improvements to the lands that actually cross through the veil (phone lines, some motor vehicles, etc.). They're rare and only owned by the rich. Plus this explains the posts that should not have these technologies because people don't read your information (i.e. Josh and his car, Jesina getting a cell phone call, etc.).
  7. The Families Page - needs to be updated to reflect the arilfamilies group.
  8. The Races need to be completed. Some have blank areas.
  9. The Ballantines - Outcast is one word.
  10. The Citos - Remove the last paragraph as Addison was dropped. Blaze's tag is "The Old Flame."
  11. The Districts - All need to be updated. The links are old and all the characters/new places are not on it. These, along with the races, may have to be moved so that you can update them.
Issues within the game....
  1. Families that are not filled out - This is a big problem. Families aren't being filled out in the places that they're needed. The royals all need BLOOD members and not little cronies. The Ballantines need were-bears. I'm sure you know the drill. Another problem is that people who are in the same families are not playing with each other. Roman plays ONLY with Johnny 95% of the time. When is the last time she did something to be the leader of her pack rather than Johnny's fucktoy? Jack, Molly, and Bee are always playing together, but they're not playing with the rest of the Citos. This is off the top of my head as I haven't paid attention to everyone.
  2. Activity - There are several people who have not said anything about real life issues and are consistently NOT making the activity limit. Off the top of my head, the characters I can think of are: Thane Merhite; Matt Bates, Willow Ilyain, etc. I'm not the best with activity. If you want who's doing what, you'll want to speak to Lee because she knows about what's going on. In fact, Thane's Last Post is still a place-holder from week 12. Honestly, if they're not filled out by now (I'd check for more from other people) they should be deleted and warned.
  3. Key Characters - This is a big issue for me and I know we've gone over it, but it is also an issue for other people as well. The fact that Aneesha and Issandria are held by someone who A) is not here and B) has turned over the game to you without so much as a word really makes some people antsy. Kael, Kacein, Jamie, Issandria, and Aneesha are needed for the current plot and having them either held by someone who is NOT playing (you have to admit that's all she's really doing now) or as NPCs cripples what those of use who are playing can really do.
  4. Several Family histories need to be updated and rewritten.
What's left for me to address is...
Certain people seem reluctant to put their characters in any situations where they can't have those characters justifiably come out on top. In the end, these people's characters have to win or they, the players, sulk and try to talk you out of your decision or action (My current example is the way Rikki is "handling" Corbin and Lucilius; she actually tried to get me to change my mind about Luc dismissing Corbin). They just won't bother to put these jaded characters back into play or play this unexpected plot through. They would rather just drop these characters when their personal interpretation of the plot fails than try to salvage it for something better.

Some people have outright said they won't have any number of their characters interact with anyone other than that one character they are associated with and that ruins the spirit of the game. Several players have tried to coerce these people into playing these "lone" characters with them, but they don't budge. People who live in the same building or work in the same place should run into each other SOMETIME. Some players have pigeonholed their characters into their little personal plots and anything that wrecks that or causes them to have to think larger upsets them.

This is just my opinion and I'm really not trying to point fingers or place a blame, but this is what has been brought to my attention just by speaking to others.

Much love. Reply is welcome.

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