January 10th, 2005

[xkcd] Rapture

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Okay... so. hoojoe's always on to me about updating my journal so here I go.

Break was good. Had a good time and a good month-long rest. Too long really. I was going stir-crazy, staying up all hours of the night, and all that stuff.

School started back today. Its been pretty good so far.

I'm sitting here taking a break because we didn't have the 1 o'clock lab today. No materials. Couldn't really do a damn thing. Played RuneScape for a couple hours. Chatted with Brian and Stephen. Helped Brian/hoojoe with his layout. You might recognize it. Yeah. Its my layout only aligned left instead of right. I contributed not only the code, but the pic. We looked for like 20 minutes before he finally found the one his little heart decided was the best. Its Link from TLoZ. Lol. I asked him if he wanted a "Naruto" bg and he practically screamed NO. He says its all over everybody's journals and i understood. Mine's still better because its Wonder Woman. ^_^

Well.. anything else? Not really. Maybe I'll have more later. Right now I've got to get to lab.

OH! EVERYONE needs to leave me a reply about how good/bad/ugly their first day back to school was. ^_^ Please?

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