February 23rd, 2005

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Yeah well. It seems that I keep forgetting that I have this thing here for more than just replying to comments and reading Pix's journal. -sigh- I'm just usually too busy or not in a journal mood so I don't ever write... ever.

-sniffs- It smells like paint thinner in the Union today. Why is that?

-smiles- I haven't had much going on. My reverse gear on my car got messed up and so I've been skipping classes for a few days. Its fine to drive, I just can't park anywhere that I would need to back out of. That's the only thing I don't like. You never realize just how much you need the reverse gear until you break it, ya know?

So... A friend of mine up here at school is offering me her daughter's five year old ferret. I dunno if we can have her. Stephen and I are gonna have to discuss it together. Seeing as we have 3 now, I didn't think a 4th one would hurt. The bad part is that the cage needs to be cleaned often enough as it is and I'm still not one to help Stephen with that even though I should. -sigh- I really should.

Snowball is a little brat. He's up all the time and running around. I expected that though because he's a kit and our ferrets are 3 years old. They do like the cage now that we have it all together. It rocks too because there's a bedding area up top and the food and 'bathroom' down below. I just wish the ferrets would see it that way though. They seem to think the bathroom is everywhere. Lol.

School's okay. Could be better. I've got to make up a test today and was going to have to make up two, but one of my teachers is sick. -wipes her brow- That's a lucky break 'cause now I can study for it. Maybe. I just haven't felt like studying. I did get a lot of homework done this weekend though. Well... more of yesterday when I skipped class and not this weekend. That's probably the only good thing about it all. I got some homework done.

What else is there to say? Nothing really. I still need to go get my malpractice insurance for my practicum. That's a joy. But really its not that much since I'm a student. We asked one of our teachers what the Hematology practicum would consist of and he said, "Put sample in this machine and push a button. Wait for the readout and look for flags. Put sample in that machine and push a button. Wait for the readout and look for flags. You may have to do a diff of the flagged samples, but it'll probably be after a real tech has already done it and you just have to tell him what you see and see if it matches what he saw." Something like that. Great ain't it? Bet my rounds are a lot easier than anything you did in school, Matthew... Lol.

Anybody got anything they actually want to know about? Maybe I'm forgetting something?

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