May 6th, 2005

[xkcd] Rapture

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I just want to thank Matt and Nikki for the fun we had Wednesday. Stephen and I both had an outstanding time at the house and out with ya'll. I had a lot of fun with Shanley too. She's so cute and sweet and adorable! ^_^

Oh and Brian... You were fun too! ^_^

We're at Cherokee Village at the moment, but I still have the internet so I'm wasting time. Not much to do up here. Just chilling and vacationing. I'm probably gonna be reading The Chronicles of OZ as much as I can this weekend. I have both books of the set and I love them. ^_^

I'm gonna go see what RPing I can do before I log off of here. I was playing RuneScape, but I got bored with it because this is a satellite connection and I lag too much to mine efficiently. >_<


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