May 23rd, 2005

[xkcd] Rapture

Brian & Lori's (Sorta) New RPG

hoojoe and I had the urge to reopen a long dead rp -- End-World. But instead of playing it on EZBoard, we decided to move it to LiveJournal because it would be a lot easier to keep up with. And really... RPs on LJ are totally easier to keep track of because you can stick them on your friends' page. I've taken some ideas from it and another RP I'm currently in and combined them. Mostly because the character I play in that RP is version 2.0 of the character I played at End-World. Okay so. I've stolen the idea, but credit is given to those whose ideas I pilfered. One happens to be xkaliber187's actually. It was too good not to include it though. So... Thanks, Matt. ^_^

So... If you want to look at it, check out endworldrpg. Let me know what ya'll think and if you want to play. Its gonna be a for-fun type thing. Not hardcore or anything. There are some rules and guidelines, but nothing major.

Brian, let me know if there's anything you want specifically done to the site. :)


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