June 16th, 2005

[xkcd] Rapture

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Stephen and I went out on the Spring River today in canoe. Oh. My. God. It was fun, but we kept flipping over. It would've helped if we'd had our weight distributed right. We quit flipping over once I sat down in the middle of the canoe so that I felt safe. Flipping over in that thing brought about flashbacks of Splash Mountain. I was scared to death and thought I was gonna have a panic attack... plus the river was freakin' COLD! If you ever go up to Spring River, don't fall in. Its damn cold.

I've also figured something else out... If you ever invite Stephen and I to play a team sport with you, make sure we're NOT on the same team. We love to play games with each other, but we do NOT work well on the same team. We couldn't even get the canoe going right because we didn't know how to work together. NEVER should we be on the same team... or in the same boat for that matter. Its not a pretty picture.

We did good on the river, but we did hit a few hairy spots. I will not be going back on a canoe with him. If we want on the River, we're taking kayaks. I'd prefer to turn over my own boat. We hit a good spot on the river where there were rapids, but there was plenty of water and we didn't have to stop to push the boat over the rocks. It was a blast. That part was fun. The river's really low so that's one of the reasons we had problems. :(

Well. I'm gonna go. We're at the in-laws again. We came out last night to visit and then left about 10:30 this morning for Spring River. We got back about 5:00 and took showers and now I'm all clean and dry. Yay! We're gonna be here again tonight and we'll pick up my brother tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I won't be as late this time. Lol. Anyways. I guess I'll go for now. Maybe I'll come up with more to talk 'bout later.

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