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August 6th, 2005

New Earrings.

Yeah. I know. Its pretty sad when then only thing I have to write about is a new set of earrings. Very sad. But these aren't just any earrings... these are dangles that Stephen made for my captive bead earrings. We bought some things from Hobby Lobby today and Stephen 'hooked me up' with some dragonfly dangles. He is such a gem. I know why I love him so much... he's just too good to me!

Here's Stephen's 10 minutes of work...

Dragonfly Dangles for Captive Bead EarringsCollapse )

I love these. We have some pewter dragons that we're gonna work on next. YAY!

Well. Today, Stephen and I went to Jonesboro and spent hours shopping and just looking around. It was fun and I really loved it.

Other than the fact that my car's giving me trouble, I'm having a good weekend. Damn thing decided to just go out on my RIGHT BEFORE MY FINAL THURSDAY MORNING!! I was so mad. And this was the day after Mr. Payne had told us to definately NOT be late or he would take points off of our exams. OMG. I walked into the room and sat down and here he was coming through the door. >_< Thank god I got there on time. I'm just glad Stephen stayed the night at my house to help me study. Because of that, he was there to tell me that all I needed to do was pump my gas to keep myself going. I'm such a ditz with cars that I never would've thought of that. Never. >_< Stupid car. I need a new one like Nikki's (which I haven't seen yet!).

Nothing much else going on. I'm out of school at the moment. Classes start back on the 22nd, but I'm ready. My first class is at 5pm so I'm good. All my others are online and that's cool. I just don't like online classes. I just can't learn well that way really. >_< It sucks.

Damn. I'm just so >_<-face tonight. Wow. Mostly its 'cause I'm disappointed that my car has decided to go nuts on me. BLAH!!!

I'm gonna get ready to go home now though because its late and I'm sure Stephen wants to go to bed. He has to take me home... HA HA!


The 3 Variable Funny TestCollapse )

Harry Potter Personality Quiz that is WRONG in Introvert/ExtrovertCollapse )

Stephen's Results for Both & they seem slightly backwardsCollapse )

I'm being inquisitive...


Dude. Serious question...

How does Hobby Lobby take/handle inventory if ya'll don't use the barcodes like Wal*Mart, etc.????

Inquiring minds NEED to know!!!

Homestarrunner Icons

Hey guys. Here's some Homestarrunner icons that I have collected. I've been meaning to let ya'll see 'em and all, but I kept forgetting until today. ;) I'm thinking of using the Trogdor icon myself ... ^_^

Strongbad says...Collapse )

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