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November 14th, 2005

Okay. So I'm here at school not really doing anything but wasting time until my class. I just don't feel like the homework yet.

School has been okay even though I still owe $200 and can't register yet. That's okay because the classes I need to take probably can't fill up considering I'm in the higher level classes. I've got to register soon though. >_< I just don't know. I'm ready to get out.

Thanksgiving is coming next week. Stephen and I may be going up to his Mom's. I haven't decided if I am or not. Probably so. I like being up at Cherokee Village. It's so nice up there.

Wade's birthday is Friday. So is the Harry Potter release... ^_^ YAY!

My birthday is in 3 weeks. YAY. I'll be 23. Isn't that fun? But that still makes Matt the oldest of the group so HA-HA-HA!

What else to say? Dunno really. Stephen and I are doing quite well. We're working through any problems we have and I'm enjoying myself with him again. It's great. I feel like we're as in love now as we were when we first started dating. Ah...

My freakin' god. He wanted me to go to his house to cook for him tonight. 0_o I've been at his house all week and cooking for him. I think I should be allowed to stay at school one night to do my homework. I'm not asking for much other than some simple peace and quiet at school with lovely, lovely little printers.

I'm sure it was a cry for something more, but he never says what he really wants to say. Only things that will get me to go over to his house so that he can bug me for sex. I wish he'd get over it already. I'm oversexed. Don't want to for a while. >_< I love him dearly, but he's annoying me bad tonight. It's like this every Monday/Wednesday night. Grrrr...

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