March 11th, 2006

[xkcd] Rapture

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Missy is missing.

Anyone who lives in Tuckerman should keep a lookout for a small Jack Russel Terrior with two red collars -- one a flea collar and one a regular collar with a black plastic clasp. You can see pictures in my journal, but here's one for you to go by:

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My mom and dad lost her out of the back of the truck when they went to pick up my new car. We're not sure where she jumped out at exactly, but all they know is that she's not there. Please... pass this info around. Let everyone know. Give them my number and have them call if they find her.

252-3294 -- my house
512-9423 -- my cell
512-9578 -- my mom's cell
512-5979 -- my dad's cell
523-6771 -- (M-F; 8 to 5 p.m.) My mom's work; Ask for Debbie