March 26th, 2006

[xkcd] Rapture

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Scott! Oh dearest, roninspider.

Would you do the honor of making a cameo appearance as Sebastian Shaw for myself and Renee. We can work out the details later, but please just say yes... Oh please, please, please. We only ask for an hour or two of your time one weekend. It is in reference to [THIS] if you want to read it. If not... we have it covered.

[14:22] shellshock x NM: We should try and see if we can ask Scott to cameo for us.
[14:22] shellshock x NM: Think he'd do it for one night?

[14:23] shylilharlequin: Maybe...
[14:23] shylilharlequin: I'm gonna leave a message in my journal for him asking about it... lol

[14:24] shellshock x NM: Yeah.... mention that if he can't, I'll play Sage in his place. "I regret to inform you that Mr. Shaw was called away at the last moment for something that needed his immediate and complete attention. However [Cue X-men: TAS power explanation], I will commit this dinner to memory and will give him a full report upon his return."
[14:25] shylilharlequin: Okie dokie!

See how much we love and miss you!

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