July 8th, 2006

[sg1] [rda] 'sg-1 learns things...'

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I think we fixed it. YAY.

Now I just have to download all my stuff again. Fun.

I think this will take a little while longer so please don't expect quick replies from me just yet, guys and gals.
[omg] 'the cards say you're screwed'

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*sigh* I hoped that if I just avoided this it would go away, but I've been away from the compy for a week and that has given me time to evaluate things just a little bit.

Online Life < Real Life.

I get it now. Sometimes it takes a reality check to do it. Like the compy getting a virus. Thank you, God.

As for [this]... JADE, CHAKU, MEL. One last thought about it all and then my fate is in your hands. I cannot apologize for what I said because I know that, at that moment in time, I probably meant ever word. Now I'm better. If you knew me IRL, you'd probably understand. I'm pretty unstable when things start collapsing around me. Stress is bad for Lori. I will apologize for any problems that I may have caused. *sigh* I open my mouth first (or in this case type first) and think later. Honestly.

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I'm still ShyLilHarlequin and I will be back online eventually once the computer is fixed. This is just the first installment of me being so very humbled by my relationship finally starting to right itself and me being a complete ass to everyone. It wasn't just you. It was EVERYONE. Forgive me for that at the very least, if you will.

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