September 19th, 2006

[xkcd] Rapture

(no subject)

Stealing my profile and recycling it as your own (even with the additions you made)? Not cool in my book. That's why I keep it friend's locked in the first place.

Stealing my profile, making your additions, then messaging me that I'm your inspiration for said character while simultaneously TELLING me that you've stolen my profile to make it your own..? Very much a No-No.

I'm going to look through all your posts now just to make sure you're not counting my writing as yours considering you've taken twenty-five of my icons (almost 50% of your icons are mine) without letting me know as well. I like it when people let me know beforehand because I feel flattered. Now I just feel angry.

*stomps the ground* Nothing is going right here lately. Nothing.

Considering you've just started the game and have made only one post that is very much your writing, that's okay. I may make periodic checks just to make sure MY Emma does not end up in YOUR game without ME attached to her.