March 20th, 2007

[xkcd] Rapture

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I just payed $8 for a 24-hour access to AT&T's WiFi.

I just got screwed, but it's okay. I'm officially updating from my new $1600 HP laptop.


I'm in definate debt now, but it's okay. I don't have a car payment yet so this will be my warm up for that. I've managed my money kinda sorta okay. I've always had enough for my bills even if I spend it all when I shouldn't. Eh. Whatever.

So... I'm sitting here in Boulevard at the River Market and typing up my journal entry so that everyone will know that I'm alive and I have actually acquried a computer. Technically, I don't have the internet yet, but I'm working on finding a permenant WiFi spot that I can hit that doesn't charge me and does work. I wish Boulevard's public WiFi had worked. My computer decided that it didn't like the signal strength or something of it.

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