March 27th, 2007

[xkcd] Rapture



What happened to Chaku? She's like disappeared.

Ah... Yeah. I just bought a year's subscription to AT&T's WiFi because it's totally cheap. I may have to go to Barnes & Noble, McDonald's, etc. to use it, but it's okay. I don't need to be online for more than a few hours anyway. Hopefully, I can get some access somewhere close to home or something?


I don't mind anyway.

Well, last weekend was fun. Went to Inksplosion. Yeah. The Crossfade/Saliva concert was Okay. The Rob Hill Sideshow was the BEST! I'll have video of it up later sometime. It's awesome. We got to meet Rob Hill and Stephen even got a surface piercing done by the man himself! AWESOME! He is so totally cool and extremely funny. I'll have pics of Stephen's piercing up sometime as well. It's nice. Looks good on him.

Well, I'm gonna go.

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