May 30th, 2007

[xkcd] Rapture

Ah, Adulthood...

I just consolidated most of my student loans for a lower interest rate.

In July, I will begin paying $200.74 a month. Granted is a pretty big chunk of money, BUT I'm only paying between $6-7 thousand dollars in interest instead of the ten I could've had to pay with the easier payments. I'm pretty sure I can swing the payments, but I'll probably be tightening the belt a bit until then. Less Kroger shopping, more Harvest Foods (though I do LOVE Kroger being open 24/7). A little less eating out when Stephen is in. A little less going home until the summer rush is over. Things like that.

The only loan I didn't consolidate was the one from ASU because I'm supposed to be able to get it forgiven a lot easier. Like not have to pay at all. So, hopefully, I can get in on that.

This weekend, I'm going car shopping. Kinda like window shopping, but looking at cars instead. I'm not going to BUY a car, but I'm pretty much just pricing cars. Stephen's going with me because I'll be less intimidated with him with me. Really, I just need my grandfather with me. He was able to get my grandmother's car for CASH. They don't DO cash.

I don't like being all grown up. It's crap because, even though I have a GREAT job, I have no money. More money than I had before, but more things to have to pay now. Bleh.

I think I know how Matt feels now... well. Minus that whole Wife and kids thing, but still. Much Matthew!hate to adulthood!!!

I had to work on the holiday this week. The only good thing that ame of that was the fact that It wasn't that big of a deal. I'm happy go get the $200 for a single day. YAY!

Well, Enough adult things for now.
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