September 3rd, 2007

[ww] [lc] 'icarianbird p4wnz u'

Ganked from kuroilotus

Choose twelve characters from your fandoms RPG's, then answer the questions under the link. Do not look at the questions beforehand.

I'm using characters that I have personally played...

[01] Emma Frost/The White Queen
[02] Rayne Blackmour/Detox
[03] Aryah (Deveraux)/A Demon
[04] Jah-Rah De'New/A Jedi-Priestess
[05] Donald Pierce/The White King
[06] Katheryn Mystic/Katt
[07] Jophiel/The (Arch)Angel of Inspiration
[08] Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
[09] Raphael (Deveraux)/The Archangel
[10] Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix
[11] "Jacklyn Doeing"/Fixx
[12] Eden Blackthorn/A Priestess

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