November 9th, 2007

[potc] [jd] 'wheee'


I went to see Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience this morning.

. . .


Seriously. Wow.

If you ever watched the six-part series Walking With Dinosaurs on the Discovery Channel, you will enjoy this thing. I was so surprised by how wonderful it was. I had a KILLER seat (though it was WAY too expensive) and it completely blew me away. These dinosaurs were LIFE-SIZED. I'm talkin' HUGE. ^_^

If you ever get the chance to see this thing, please go. Please. If you've ever liked dinosaurs, if you ever wanted to be a paleontologist, if you ever thought Jurassic Park was cool - you NEED to go see this show.

I would've taken some pictures with my camera-phone, but I was too busy gawking at the dinosaurs. I did buy one of those expensive-ass programs though and eventually maybe I'll try to scan them to show off the photos. It was so awesome. I wish it had been longer though. :(

- lj

BTW. Snagged a couple of photos from the net.

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