December 16th, 2007

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Nothing bothers me more than someone that changes their mind about the dynamics of a game in the middle of play. If something was supposed to count two weeks ago, it should count now. That's just how I feel about it. What's the use of playing out the history for my character if it's not going to count as activity? Honestly. There's more to gameplay then forcing along storylines. There's evolution of the character and fleshing out of a background between characters who are supposed to have a history together.

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Either some of my neighbors just moved out or they're hauling a hell of a lot of trash out of the apartment next to mine. I kept hearing things being pushed around and it sounded like people were falling down. I look outside when I hear a door shut and a vehicle starting up outside my front door and I find a 15-person van stuffed full (and I mean FULL) of crap.

I didn't like my neighbors and so, if they really are leaving, good riddance.