January 16th, 2008

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Electric Chariot Mosh

Top Songs: Electric Chariot Mosh
#1: Electric Chariot 2pm remix by Marqs dc
#2: You're Not Alone (Fresh in December Mix) by Brian Hedler
#3: YOU'RE NOT ALONE-(ADAM TAS RMX)-Electric Chariot by adamtas
#4: You're Not Alone (dX re-edit) by dXS // softcore
#5: You're Not Alone-(electric-symphony mix) by Jeremiah Ryder
#6: You're Not Alone (Lawrence DJ Mix) by Lawrence Dj
#7: Electric Chario- You`r Not Alone (Update1.2) by Ivan Litus (a.k.a. CJ.FILTER)
#8: You're Not Alone (D-Step Winter Breeze remix) by D-Step (formerly dfault)
#9: All Alone (DrH style) by DrH
#10: You're Not Alone (Spooky Prayer mix) by Jasinski

These are the "People's Choice" winners for the Remix Contest my brother entered (His entry is larger and bolded). I am absolutely proud of my brother! Positively beaming with joy!!

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