March 30th, 2008

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I'm feeling absolutely giddy as I just got a phone call from a guy. I don't know him, but my mother (the evil thing she is) gave him my phone number. She's trying to set me up with a guy now that I'm not with Stephen anymore. That's pretty sweet of her even if it does kinda make me go "Grrrrrr."

After much searching, I did manage to find his MySpace page. He had told me he had one and had me looking for it, but I never could find it until after I'd gotten off the phone with him. He's kinda cute. I don't want to be superficial and he did say he's lost twenty pounds so I don't need to judge until we've met. He was fun to talk to on the phone so that was nice. Plus, he's got that dark hair I like, but in the pictures it's rather short. :( I like long hair, but whatever. We haven't met in person so I can't make judgments like that.

Currently, the plan is to get a phone call from him tomorrow about four and I'm kinda excited about it. I'm probably fixing to go to bed because I'm tired, but I'm glad he called. ^_^ We got along great on the phone and it would be nice just to have a new friend to hang out with even if we didn't hit it off as a dating couple.

-squees- I got a phone call from a boy!!
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I've been talking on the phone to a guy that my mother gave my number to. We're getting along good and he keeps saying he wants to take me out which makes me squee with delight, but then again I keep asking myself why. I guess I'm trying to sabotage myself again. >_< I've never been the kind of girl that gets dates so I'm all worried that he's not going to like me when we get together. Granted, we have a lot of the same interests so at the very least we're going to get along good enough to hang out together. It would be very nice to have somebody to go do something with out here. Very nice.

The guy is five years younger than me which makes him my brother's age and is creepy to a degree. Creepy just because I have a brother his age and they went to school together. Lol. He's shorter than me as we've talked about that and laughed, but so was Stephen. I've given up on ever dating a guy who is taller than my only because the guys I know who are taller than I am are family.

I feel weird about all this, but I know it's gonna feel weird as I haven't actually dated in ten years. I'm probably not even going to know what to do, but that's okay. I'll get through it and I'll be better because of it. -shrugs-