April 23rd, 2008

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Cops is on. I love that show.

Mommy went home today. I'm sad because she's going to have to have her back surgery re-done. Her back hadn't fully healed up when she fell a few months ago and she's pretty well messed up the cadaver-bone rigging that the doctor had put in. He's going to go back and put in some metal pieces to re-do her fusions. Bleh. Tentative date is May 15th and she will be doing that unless something happens with Daddy.

OH! My dad's heart rate has gone down since his shock-procedure! It was ~162 and now it's down to 120-resting!! That was the point of the procedure - bring his heart rate back into something closer to normal. We're so pleased. They've adjusted his medication to try to keep the fluid from building back up and Mommy said that he says he feels better (hear-say, I know). I'm excited because that's a good thing.

Mommy did cook me dinner for when I got home from work today. I opened the door to my apartment and got a nose full of pot roast. Mmmm. My Mommy loves me. Though, like a dork, when she was gathering up my trash she cut her finger on a can lid and sloshed blood all over my kitchen. She told me later that, as she was putting the lids in the trash, she should tell me about them so that I wouldn't cut my finger and, lo and behold, what does Mom do? Exactly that. I laughed at her even though it really wasn't that funny. I mean, it was, but it wasn't. SHE was funny, but it sucked. I told her that I'm supposed to clean up blood at work, not in my kitchen. Thankfully, blood doesn't bother me too much now because of all the stuff I do with it.

BTW! It's National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!! I am a Medical Laboratory Professional and this is my national holiday! -dances- Games, prizes, and OMG!FOOD all this week. 'Tis a lovely week to return to work! If you know a Medical Laboratory Professional (Lab Tech at a hospital), give them a big hug and wish them a happy lab week!

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I'm feeling much better, btw. I'm sore as hell and if I slow/lay down for too low, I get so stiff that it's hard to move, but if I can get moving again I'm okay. It's like a locomotive starting up - slow and painful until I get up to speed. I need to take some Advil now that I'm thinking about it...