June 4th, 2008

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I suppose I should be using this as a journal rather than lurking and making comments. Contrary to the way it may seem, I am alive. I am still in Little Rock and I am still employed at my job. I've been downgraded from MT to MLT (at a loss of about $4/hr), but this lowers the pressure a little bit. Eventually, I'm actually going to try to take that test, but I haven't had the motivation here lately.

Mom had her back surgery redone because she messed up the first job when she fell. So now she's got metal bits in her back and she's not happy with that. She's doing good though. I got to have lunch with her and Wade when she came down for her last appointment with her doctor. It was absolutely awesome. I love my mom and brother. When we're together, it's a riot.

I'm back on the Saturday to Wednesday night schedule, which is great. I'm off on Thursday and Friday nights which is pretty awesome. I miss being off on Saturdays, but I can deal with that. This also means that I will be home tomorrow night. So... if anybody is going to be available Thursday or Friday night? I'll be in the area! ^_^

If you have questions, drop me a line and I'll tell you how I've been?

Much love.