January 30th, 2009

[ff] [tcs] [nm] 'phoenix down'

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I have been without power since Tuesday since the mega ice storm hit us and I am about to go insane. The only reason I'm even able to leave this message is because the college has power and my brother is up here at the college so I came to visit and stay with him just to check my email and get the hell out of dodge. If you don't know what's going on or you haven't heard the news, it's all here - KAIT8. You can see photos of what's going down and see just what kind of hell it's going to be for a while. Stephen may have his power back tomorrow (that's a really big if), but since I live out in the middle of nowhere, it may be weeks for me. On the way here to the college, we passed I don't know how many powerlines and poles that were down. The poles themselves were broken in two or three places. The high winds and ice snapped poles and tree limbs like twigs. It's hell and I'm stuck there... -wibbles-