February 12th, 2009

[mmpr] 'omg!'

(no subject)

I just finished reading Watchmen and I loved it. OMG. I've GOT get a copy or I could always keep Brian's copy and never return it. I'm totally stoked about seeing the movie and I've convinced my mother to go with me. ^_^

Oh, and Brian, I have a list of books from my mom's bookshelf. She had a few books and/or authors you were wanting to read so you won't have to order them. I'll bring it by next time I'm over so you can see what she's god. I didn't realize my mom had so many iconic sci-fi books on her shelves. I'm going to start reading the other book I borrowed from you ASAP though I've got a cute little satire book that I think you'll like. God: The Ultimate Autobiography. Hilarious. It's a couple hours worth of reading. Funny stuff.