March 21st, 2009

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Girl Gamers - missouri police fearmongering of AC:CF angers gamers

Gamers should read. The gist of the articles stated here is that some local bumpkin police officer seemed to think that pedophiles were contacting kids through Animal Crossing: City Folk.


Not only do you have to have the info of the person that you want to contact, but they also have to add you. I mean, unless kids are handing this info out freely and pedos are trolling the gamer comms, I seriously doubt this is happening. I mean, sure there may be the rare occurrence, but WTF?! Seriously... this politically correct-let's save the kids-everything is evil-bullshit is going way too far if Nintendo is getting heat.

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The Wii gets a little more evil.

North American Wii owners got an early holiday present today: Confirmation from global game manufacturer Capcom that it is releasing three versions of its multi-million seller franchise "Resident Evil" for the motion-based game system.

The first, "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles," is promoted as a sequel to "The Umbrella Chronicles," the first of the RE titles to be released on the Wii. The other two titles, "Resident Evil" and "Resident Evil Zero," are re-workings of Nintendo GameCube releases, and are being billed as part of a new RE Classics line.

Cooperative Mayhem

The Resident Evil games are being designed to take advantage of the motion-sense capabilities that have made the Wii gaming system so popular. In single mode, as in most games, players can take advantage of the assistance of an A.I.-controlled character.

With two Wii Remote controllers, however, players can play simultaneously and cooperate with each other as they try to survive wave after wave of hostile zombies. The games will also introduce a new "Evade system" that Capcom says "will utilize the Wii Remote for a more intense experience when fighting enemies."

I bet these are going to be freakin' AWESOME!!