June 5th, 2009

[mb] [jh] 'jamie want big boom'

Inspiration... It comes when you least expect it.

I will be writing sometime here soon (probably after work this weekend) as I have two ideas that I want to expand on no matter how crappy they are.

One; Edgar Frog (The Lost Boys 1 & 2) has a daughter named Lenore of which he is fiercly protective. This has plagued Lenore for years and she's really tired of it. For the first time in forever, dad has to go and do some vampire hunting as he's found a nest of the suckers (Of course, Lenore doesn't believe this at all as she thinks her dad is crazy) and this means he's going to leave her alone for the first time in forever. It seems that, while he's gone, the reason he is so over-protective comes by and introduces herself - Lenore's mother who was turned into a "suck monkey" when she was a child. Edgar returns and chaos ensues.

Two; One of the songs from The Lost Boys has inspired me to write a Nicolette/Lucien story involving their twisted little relationship.

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