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July 7th, 2009

Car Shopping

I'm going shopping for a new car today (not buying, just shopping) and I can already feel my chest beginning to tighten up. It makes me extremely anxious to go into this because I know didley about cars and their prices. I don't know if I'm getting a good deal or not and, in the end, I'll end up settling for something I don't actually want because I'm tired of looking. I know I will. That's what I do and it sucks.

I really, really want a blue car, but blue isn't "in" right now. Everything I've looked at so far (dealers' online stocks) has been silver. I don't want effin' silver. My mother has a silver car. I want BLUE. I want blue because that's my favorite color so get me a god-damned blue car you bastards!

The good thing is that I'm just going to go look, take notes, and bring those notes back to check the blue book page to see if the prices I'm being handed are decent for what they're giving me. So far, my best deal has been my grandfather's Mercury. He's offered to sell it to me at a good price with no worries about how much my payments will be. I'm rather stoked about that, but I don't want to do it since someone in my family will probably make a stink about it (my money is on Aunt Donna or Daddy).

I just... I want a blue car. I want a blue car that has four doors, power locks/windows, a cd player, automatic transmission, cruise control, tinted windows, a moon roof, and is long enough to fit me. If you find something of that persuasion (that is not a Chevy 0_o), do give me a call.

Otherwise, I'm going to get ready to start saving up some monies for a down payment in the next three months. :( Still really scared to do it.

Oh a lighter note, not only have I paid off one college loan completely, but the available balance on my credit card finally again exceeds the spent balance. I'm more than halfway done paying it off. :)

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