April 18th, 2010

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OMFG. I can't ever remember my LJ password because I'm always logged in at home. >_<

So, Nicolette just rambled on like the crazy woman I had originally created her to be. I probably could've written more, but I'm beginning to run out of time. I need to go finish up some stuff before Juanita and I have to stick people. ^_^ Needles are fun, apparently. LOL.

I'm going to try to do some more writing when I get home because, even though I'm really not inspired all the much, I'm able to get some of it to come out really well in a nice flow. Maybe that's the beginning of my writer's block starting to break? I hope so. It would be nice to be able to write for a while. I've missed it quite a bit.

I think the video games have eaten my soul because that's all I do anymore.