May 7th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 05-06-2010

  • 05:16:22: Haven't felt like this in a very long time. It's a wonderful feeling even if it all goes nowhere.
  • 11:35:39: I wake up wondering what he's up to every morning. Haven't felt like that since high school.
  • 11:48:06: Just woke up. Rolling back over if possible. (@ Lori's House)
  • 14:49:39: @hoojoe nobody yet. Just me being over excited about something silly. @JadinRecks
  • 18:34:46: @hoojoe may have been but the distance is wide enough that I font have my hopes up. Even though we txt each other all the damn time.
  • 18:36:00: @JadinRecks sociopath = you? I know Matt qualified.
  • 18:37:37: @JadinRecks yeah you guys haven't been this excited about my life in years. @hoojoe
  • 18:41:37: is totally ready for Friday because she'll be @ home instead of @ work!!!
  • 18:44:11: I'm resisting the urge to txt every time I grab my phone even though i really really want to.
  • 19:06:03: I caved. I'm a loser
  • 20:32:39: I've dressed my xbox avatar as Lightning. WIN!

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