June 25th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 06-24-2010

  • 04:40:55: To answer a question I posed myself last week, I think I'm gonna say #inlove with him.
  • 07:47:15: Since I met you I smile often, laugh more, and sleep less. #inlove
  • 08:47:31: @hoojoe yeah it is!
  • 09:39:38: 46 days and counting!!!
  • 13:55:23: RT @donttrythis RT @Brian_Kaz: @donttrythis I just had a dream where Jamie Hyneman pulled me over at gunpoint to search my car for drugs.
  • 13:55:59: RT @wilw Geeks are really good at taking something we love & turning it into something to argue about with http://tl.gd/23or2d
  • 14:23:51: @hoojoe I didn't know Japan was in the world cup.
  • 14:24:06: Come to think of it, I didn't know Japan played soccer...
  • 15:15:38: New iPhone OS gets a thumbs up because you can edit playlists!! YAY!!
  • 21:21:51: @aikisenshi Funny thing. We send samples from work to Quest.

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