September 5th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 09-04-2010

  • 02:42:59: RT @wilw: I'm a radioactive sentient plant in gamma world. My name is Needles, and I shoot jagged metal pine cones at my enemies.
  • 04:22:27: Finally figured out why my headache was so bad! I needed caffeine!!!
  • 04:36:03: When an officer says "Stop resisting!" that means relax and go limp. You're screwed otherwise. #COPS
  • 04:42:51: I just don't understand why I like this show so much. I think it makes me feel like a better person. #COPS
  • 04:45:40: Faux-hawk =/= badass when you cry after you've been caught. #COPS
  • 04:51:00: For some strange reason I like to tweet commentary for my tv shows all the time. #imjustweirdlikethat
  • 04:52:29: "How much meth you done?" Lmao! Migh be why you're freaking out, buuuuudy. #COPS
  • 05:29:26: "...when you start talking about guns, police come and bring bigger and better guns." #COPS
  • 21:00:26: @alyssapapineau - TweetBird app did the same thing. Twitter's doing maybe?
  • 21:01:05: RT @wilw: Dear scalpers who are scalping #pax passes in front of the convention center: you are fucking scum and I hate you. Die in a fire.
  • 22:07:23: @hoojoe - I still love you, man.

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