September 16th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 01:33:50: RT @grantimahara: Heard about Geek-A-Week? 52 weeks, 52 geeks, including: Me, @nerdist, @veronica, @wilw and @donttrythis. http://geekaw ...
  • 01:34:08: RT @WilliamShatner: I hear my star on the Canadian Walk of Fame is a bit frazzled, but then again so am I. My best, Bill
  • 01:35:35: RT @grantimahara: Many bottles of beer have been broken during the making of #BeerBot, which is a shame, because they were all full.
  • 05:59:44: RT @BradKimberly: Uh, oh. @levarburton is about to turn into a lizard on TNG. #TheGoodOldDays
  • 06:26:15: I miss him. Just wish he'd talk to me. #love #sadladyissad
  • 06:46:38: My #TMJ is killing me today. :(
  • 13:27:25: RT @levarburton: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! RT @captainplanetfd Today is Captain Planet Day! #captainplanet #thepowerisyours
  • 13:27:39: RT @captainplanetfd: It's the 20th anniversary of #captainplanet! Have you given him a RT or mention to show some #eco love? It would be ...
  • 13:28:56: RT @SethMacFarlane: “Your honor, the jury is deadlocked at 10 Guilty, 1 Not Guilty, and 1 Cookie.” --12 Angry Muppets
  • 13:29:16: RT @alyankovic: You do NOT want to mess with a dude that’s carrying one of these…
  • 18:40:29: RT @wilw: So the iPad is a fun toy and great media server while traveling, but isn't going to replace a proper computer any time soon fo ...
  • 18:51:40: @RealNichelle - I was going to bid on you but you're already out of my price range! $207.50 and it's just started!!!
  • 18:57:52: @levarburton - I was going to bid on you as well and then found you out of my price range already. $75-$150. I wish I wasn't broke!!
  • 19:01:26: RT @TwitChange: TwitChange auction is simple: 1. Go to, 2. Find celeb, 3. Bid // THAT'S ALL - It's an Ebay auct ...
  • 19:03:48: My room is definitely cooler with the tv off... Damn it. #allmachinesaresentfromhell
  • 21:06:23: Just had dinner with @hoojoe and wife. Their 1st anniversary is Sunday. Congrats, kids!
  • 22:39:03: "...but once the average man is able to hump his coffee maker, the fall of civilization isn't far behind." An article online with @hoojoe
  • 23:31:49: RT @wilw: I am hearing a techno dance version of Another Brick In The Wall Part Two. I just died a little bit inside.

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