September 18th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 09-17-2010

  • 04:33:53: RT @wilw: Oh my god. I just saw #beerbot with my own eyes.
  • 04:34:19: RT @wilw: And now @donttrythis takes the stage in fromt of the home town crowd ... WEARING A FUCKING BLADE RUNNER GUN THAT HE MADE.
  • 20:46:07: RT @alyankovic: I guess the Klingons are supposed to be an advanced race, but they obviously haven’t discovered Botox yet.
  • 20:46:28: RT @shitmydadsays: "You came out of your mom looking like shit. She thought you were beautiful. Don't know what scared me most, your loo ...
  • 20:47:11: RT @RealNichelle: Support #TwitChange & I will open hailing frequencies 4 my highest bidder with a phone call & autograph. http://item.e ...
  • 22:26:13: At #work. Things are better now that I've straightened out the chaos from dayshift. #dayshiftsux
  • 23:08:40: RT @peeweeherman: Night time is the right time to wish a happy birthday @TheRealElvira, Mistress of the Dark!
  • 23:09:13: RT @wilw: I do not want to live in a world where #beerbot does not exist. I'm just saying.
  • 23:09:21: RT @directionalpad: Google: At first we loved them. Now we should fear them. I'm positive if they owned Twitter and Facebook they could ...

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