September 20th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 09-19-2010

  • 02:20:08: RT @directionalpad: On a scale of one to FourLoko I'm drunk as a.... BookShelf? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SCENARIO?
  • 02:22:54: #work tonight has been HORRIBLE, but breakfast with Michelle and Nita will be kickass. #allmachinesaresentfromhell #tiredladyistired
  • 02:23:35: Also, I miss Chris. #sadladyissad #love
  • 03:33:29: I shall reiterate - #allmachinesaresentfromhell
  • 17:03:19: RT @peeweeherman: Arrrrrrr! Thanks to Leslie for sharing on Facebook: It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! AAAHHHHH!!!!
  • 17:03:25: RT @alyankovic: My entire life has been building up to this: Yes, I am the Geek of the Week.
  • 17:03:43: RT @wilw: Cat: DOOD LOOK AT THIS! Me: Yeah, it's a ping pong ball. Cat: BEST TOY EVAR! Me: Better than the empty box? Cat: OMG PUT IT IN ...
  • 17:05:27: RT @levarburton: RT @ejk: @levarburton But ye don't have to be takin' me word for it! #bydhtbtmwfi #arr
  • 18:24:25: For the record, I feel that dayshift nurses are lazy and ignorant bitches. Except the ones that came from nights. #dayshiftsux
  • 19:58:49: RT @GregProops: Everybody stay low, keep close. You take point, I'll take the drag line. We can get through this.
  • 21:46:06: I think I'm done with #roleplaying in the written form. I just don't care to play anymore.
  • 21:47:50: RT @FreakyFact: A woman loves for a man to show her you
    know the difference between "Intimate" and "Sexual!"
  • 21:48:32: RT @HeyThatsSoTrue: Edward isn't a Vampire. He lives in the forest, he doesn't eat people, and he sparkles. He's obviously a Fairy. #Hey ...
  • 21:48:54: RT @joe_hill: You guys ever wonder what would happen if the zombie apocalypse and the vampire apocalypse happened AT THE SAME TIME?
  • 21:49:25: RT @CassiniSaturn: Ahoy, me followin' mateys! I be orbitin' & twitterin' from Satarrrrn. Me next flyby be Titan in 4 days time. #pirate
  • 23:31:02: @JadinRecks - Stop being a baby.

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