September 24th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 00:21:32: RT @StephenAtHome: I don’t care what they say. I’m going to be the best migrant farm worker ever. I can rake a corn tree like nobody’s b ...
  • 02:27:02: I just can't figure out why he makes me feel the way I feel. It's crazy. #love #myhappythoughts
  • 02:27:51: @wilw - I always say that a job, any job, isn't worth it if you don't absolutely love it.
  • 02:28:49: RT @aishatyler: Dear Twitter: Please buy more servers. If I see that whale being carried by birds again I'm going to go out and shoot a ...
  • 02:29:10: RT @steveweinstein: Why don't billionaires feel patriotic & proud to pay taxes that shore up the wonderful country that enabled their w ...
  • 02:29:55: RT @cwgabriel: I wonder if there is something that makes sure the Halo reach loading lights never form a swastika.
  • 02:30:09: RT @ForeverOnline: You miss him, don't you? Thing is, I didn't mention a name... and he popped in to your mind almost instantly.
  • 02:30:31: RT @hulu_trailers: Catch a glimpse of Harry's final adventure in the highly anticipated "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I" h ...
  • 03:41:02: Why do #hoarders blame everything on other things. "Well, I'm just a bad housekeeper." NO, LADY! YOU'RE LAZY! ...and traumatized maybe.
  • 03:48:03: All of them say the same thing: "It's not your property! Don't touch it!" Well okay, Greedy-Gus. Hoarding = greed in disease form. #hoarders
  • 03:58:49: I want to hire an organizer for me, but I wouldn't know how.
  • 04:00:36: @JadinRecks, you should come organize my life.
  • 04:34:25: When you say "He wasn't a violent drunk" with tears in your eyes you need to recognize you are LYING to yourself. #intervention
  • 04:37:40: Oooh. She's got post-partum. #intervention
  • 04:41:21: She uses her depression as an excuse to do nothing. Why hello there, exboyfriend of mine. #intervention
  • 05:04:31: OH EM GEE! Stop asking me what to do! Grow a backbone and make your own decision!
  • 07:25:12: They never should have cancelled the live action version of The Tick. #fail
  • 07:46:59: There are soooooooo many good lines in The Tick!!

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