October 2nd, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 05:43:18: Have you ever noticed that animal shows always focus on a female and how she survives during/after pregnancy? #justthinkingoutloud
  • 07:33:20: #fail, @hoojoe.
  • 08:46:57: I'm working on booking my hotel for Halloween. Going way cheaper than last time. #cheapladyischeap #love #vacation
  • 08:48:07: RT @rickyftw: As of Midnight, Marijuana was officially decriminalized in the state of California, instantly eliminating over 60,000 arre ...
  • 08:48:42: RT @chuckcomeau: Homophobia is repulsive and so lame. How can people lower themselves to hating someone because of their sexual orientat ...
  • 08:56:40: I've been watching the series #theuniverse and it just reminded me that plants have DNA. Yeah, #nerdgirl forgot that.
  • 09:01:48: It's interesting that things on or around Jupiter are referred to as "Jovian." #theuniverse
  • 09:26:15: RT @StephenAtHome: Home is where the heart is. Specifically, beneath the floorboards in my bedroom. Why won't it stop beating?!?!
  • 21:25:01: RT @wilw: "Moo cow, moo cow, supplier of milk ... I am intolerant of your lactose."
  • 21:26:27: RT @JohnTheCho: At market, saw infant formula in locked cabinet next to the liquor.
  • 21:28:27: At #work. Looks like I'll be without my partner all weekend. She threw her back out again. #fail #sadladyissad #ohgodkillmenowplz

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