October 21st, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 10-20-2010

  • 02:52:08: RT @davidneedham: Here's what a real pokemon battle is like: http://is.gd/g9gul
  • 04:39:31: This woman is batshit crazy. #hoarders
  • 04:47:26: "OMG the neighbors are gonna see!!!" #hoarders
  • 04:49:53: These people make me want to punch them in the face. #hoarders
  • 04:51:40: RT @kbyrne91: Way to run a thorough criminal background check on your reality show applicants, A&E: http://bit.ly/dzc3g2 #Hoarders
  • 07:38:43: My laptop is filled with backdoor Trojans. If I can hold out, I'm gonna have a new one this spring. I use my iPhone for everything anyway.
  • 10:33:59: RT @p3hndrx: Probably the cutest starfox i've ever seen.... http://bit.ly/ddFCHI
  • 12:48:05: RT @BestWorstAdvice: Why do guys wear sunglasses indoors? To stare at your boobs.
  • 12:51:49: Just finished the 4th Percy Jackson book. Really easy reading and I absolutely love the mythology themes involved!
  • 18:47:46: RT @orangeshirtguy: You know what? I forgot to wear purple today. But am 100% supportive of the LBGT cause. LBGT kids- it *does* get better.
  • 18:48:58: @Gaosalad - I still love you! Maybe I'll drop by Starbucks and watch you make me something?!
  • 18:51:17: Already managed to crunch some of the material on my splint. Must be my nerves. Need to try not to break this thing for a month.
  • 18:53:14: I downloaded 3 different "doctor" softwares for my computer to a) try them out and b) clean up my computer. The AVG stuff looks promising.

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