October 26th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 10-25-2010

  • 00:36:43: RT @donttrythis: Wife describing new Woody Allen film character:"her body is twisted, in a manifestation of her anxiety about being a st ...
  • 00:37:20: RT @levarburton: I can honestly say #ilovemyjob Do you?
  • 00:37:22: RT @wilw: @levarburton Yes. Yes I can ... and I am eternally grateful for it.
  • 00:37:26: RT @levarburton: @wilw Not to mention that you are extremely good at what you do, Sir!
  • 00:37:27: RT @wilw: I ran a level 4 diagnostic, reversed the polarity of the primary induction conduits, and used a modified tachyon pulse to fix ...
  • 00:37:29: RT @wilw: @levarburton Oh man. I have something in both of my eyes, now. I <3 you, LB.
  • 00:37:53: RT @wilw: ...and if you think this is impressive, just wait until I show you how I improved on Dr. Channing's theory of Dilithium Crysta ...
  • 03:45:41: @Gaosalad - Everyone misses me. Lol
  • 09:07:29: @Gaosalad - You shall be missed while at work. Well, when I'm not sleeping. Lol.
  • 09:25:25: Need to get laid. Might make me feel better. Not handing out invitations just yet.

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