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October 27th, 2010

From Twitter 10-26-2010

  • 00:43:58: RT @changeequation: When you buy a car, follow a recipe, or tip a waiter you're using #math principles. You may be better at math than y ...
  • 00:44:18: RT @BestWorstAdvice: Women: Why can't you find the man of your dreams? Because that man is gay.
  • 00:44:43: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: #uwascooluntil you started writing 'u' instead of 'you'. You only have to type two more letters, suck it the hell up.
  • 00:45:07: RT @wilw: Dog: I HAVE A TOY! Me: Neat! Dog: DON'T TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME! Me: Okay. Dog: WHY AREN'T YOU TRYING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME?! M ...
  • 00:46:08: RT @FunnelFiasco: The basketball goal has been lowered to ground level. That's how you know tomorrow's winds are serious business.
  • 00:47:24: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: I'm going to say what everyone is or should be thinking: why the HELL are people already releasing Christmas albums ...
  • 03:00:32: Could downloading a game I already have be considered pirating if I'm doing it because my drive no longer works?
  • 08:14:21: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: #unwrittenrule If someone asks you if you're Team Jacob or Team Edward you have permission to beat them senseless w ...
  • 14:44:18: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: #uwascooluntil you started girl drama. Newsflash: another girl can't "steal" your guy, the guy decides he likes her ...
  • 14:45:16: RT @peeweeherman: Check it out! The first Pee-wee Herman iPhone app! Upload your pics! http://ow.ly/2ZCpM
  • 14:46:25: @orangeshirtguy - My mother had that happen with a diamond tennis bracelet of all things. I blame gremlins.
  • 21:30:39: Karate was rough tonight. I'm definitely not in shape.

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