October 30th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 01:10:49: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Dear musicians, a tiny, blonde girl is about to destroy you all in sales. How does it feel? It's like being slapped ...
  • 01:11:51: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: How does Lady Gaga dress up for Halloween? Does she dress normally?
  • 01:13:17: @RyanClay - that is so awesome!!
  • 01:13:31: RT @BestWorstAdvice: Had a rough day? Troll people online.
  • 06:06:39: #work wasn't too bad. Got to be crazy with Steffie. Good times.
  • 09:18:41: RT @grantimahara: You surely won the office costume contest! RT @amyles: Costume took me a lot of duct tape and foam board. http://twitp ...
  • 17:02:39: RT @donttrythis: Soo CUTE!. Adam and Jamie halloween costumes: http://mythbustersresults.com/mythbusters-halloween-costumes
  • 17:04:02: @xkaliber_1 - I love you guys. Don't forget to drop by and see mom.
  • 17:04:15: RT @alyankovic: Whoops, sorry, wrong picture. Here’s our new dog Bambu. http://twitpic.com/31yhxe
  • 17:05:02: @alyankovic - Awwwwwwww. I hope you both enjoy each other's company to the fullest.
  • 17:05:41: RT @wilw: "Well, well, well ... what have we here? Sandy Claws, huh? Oohh! I'm really scared!"
  • 20:39:32: Questioning the integrity of my results is like questioning my own integrity. You do not do that. #laboratory #work

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