November 17th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 11-16-2010

  • 01:27:23: RT @drhorrible: Wonderflonium was originally invented as a ping pong ball cleaner. A game of beer pong sadly revealed the "do not bounce ...
  • 01:27:33: RT @wilw: Cat: WAT U DOIN? Me: Writing a short story. Cat: IM IN UR FACE LICKIN UR BEARD! Me: Um. Cat: HA HA I CHOMP UR CHIN HA HA. Me: ...
  • 01:27:45: RT @StephenAtHome: The technology to see through people's clothing has been around for decades - as long as you had 12 cereal box tops a ...
  • 01:28:31: RT @BestWorstAdvice: Y do peeps b tweetin lik dis on da Twitter? Because they can't spell.
  • 01:29:35: I have officially given up on dating once more.
  • 05:58:25: @Sexstrology - I need Aquarian.
  • 10:31:28: @Gaosalad - I noticed that somebody put She-Ra on netflix. Lol
  • 14:48:58: RT @wilw: Today is just another day that I'll never forget ... being completely underwhelmed by an announcement from Apple.
  • 15:15:24: If there was a live-action #jemandtheholograms movie, who would play the roles? #imjustweirdlikethat #justthinkingoutloud #myhappythoughts
  • 15:33:24: I'm tired of trying to find a relationship. I guess I'll just be happy being alone. #sadladyissad #thinking
  • 23:17:01: For some strange reason, every time I say I've given up he fucking texts me. Why, God? WTF are you doing to me?

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