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November 30th, 2010

From Twitter 11-29-2010

  • 01:43:38: @hoojoe so you just have to let it go into sleep automatically? Easy enough.
  • 16:33:02: RT @wilw: "The traditional media has become so toothless it is reduced to attacking Wikileaks for doing its job properly." http://bit.ly ...
  • 16:33:20: RT @grantimahara: Kari (to someone else): Would you like to borrow the Veganomicon? Me (interjecting): Is it bound in corn husks and wri ...
  • 16:37:09: @levarburton - So hard to believe someone would do that to you, LB. Probably never read a book in their life or has a grudge against TNG.
  • 16:37:28: RT @Sexstrology: GEMINI has the best sex with Sagittarius Aquarius Aries and Leo
  • 16:37:40: RT @Sexstrology: SCORPIO has the best sex with Pisces Cancer Taurus Virgo and Capricorn
  • 16:37:46: RT @Sexstrology: SAGITTARIUS has the best sex with Aries Leo Gemini Aquarius and Libra
  • 16:39:55: RT @FactsAboutBoys: I don't get jealous when I see my EX with some1 else, coz my mother always told me to give my old toys to the less f ...
  • 16:40:53: RT @NICKIMINAJ: R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen ~ one of the funniest and amazing actors of all time.
  • 22:35:39: @RyanClay - wow. I think I need to make Mario ornaments for Christmas one year. It would be fun.
  • 22:35:50: RT @Sexstrology: Sagittarius is a wandering, popular person and may be too much for you to handle. Jealousy and rage are right around th ...

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