December 9th, 2010

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 04:39:40: RT @davechappelle: Obama giving tax cuts to the rich makes about as much sense as giving steroids to the Incredible Hulk.
  • 04:41:38: RT @iTwitQuotes_: when a guy can handle your flaws, love you on your moody days, and say you're beautiful in your sweatpants & PJs, he's ...
  • 13:20:14: RT @DalaiLama: Even modern medical researchers have come to the conclusion that peace of mind is vital for good health.
  • 17:08:35: RT @StephenAtHome: First they sell you a stapler. Then it's staples. Then it's a staple remover. Enough! I'm Stephen Colbert, and I supp ...
  • 17:08:52: RT @directionalpad: Remember Kids: Placing a lock on your luggage makes you a terrorist. Be sure to keep your zippers open and use trans ...
  • 17:09:44: RT @ActuallyNPH: Please, please Senators. Please vote to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
  • 17:10:20: RT @wilw: Dear Universe: I'd really like a role in the HBO adaptation of Charlie Huston's THE MYSTIC ARTS OF ERASING ALL SIGNS OF DEATH. ...
  • 17:17:49: Ran my iPhone battery down to nil. Think that may have helped my charge problem. #lovemybubby
  • 19:31:18: RT @Sexstrology: A #Sagittarius is most likely to have car sex. Why not combine travel + sex?
  • 19:32:06: RT @seanbonner: Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that Sarah Palin keeps calling Assange "un-American"? I mean, you know, sinc ...
  • 21:20:29: @JadinRecks - How do you know?
  • 21:21:54: @JadinRecks - then maybe you shouldn't assume. ^_~
  • 21:24:36: @JadinRecks - I lie. I just like to make you squirm.
  • 22:10:06: RT @Sexstrology: #Sagittarius sets very high standards for themselves and others and can sometimes be unreasonable.

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